Undergraduate Research at UW-Madison

One of the most exciting things in life is to discover something new. Undergraduate students at UW–Madison are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading researchers to push the frontiers of knowledge. The opportunities range from assisting with ongoing research to designing and directing their own projects.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities at UW-Madison

Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships

Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship support undergraduates (with at least junior standing) conduct research in collaboration with a UW–Madison faculty member or research/instructional academic staff member.

Holstrom Environmental Research Fellowship

Holstrom Environmental Research Fellowship support undergraduates (with at least junior standing) conduct research focused on environmental issues in collaboration with UW–Madison faculty or research/instructional academic staff.

Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program

The goal of the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program is to increase the number of students in doctoral degree programs who are low-income and first generation undergraduates or students who come from groups underrepresented in graduate education.

Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

Explore a number of summer research opportunities for undergraduate students collected by the Graduate School.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Science

Explore a variety of undergraduate research opportunities in science provided by BioCommons.

Undergraduate Research Scholars

The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URS) is dedicated to helping first- and second-year undergraduates get hands-on experience in research or other creative endeavors by working with UW faculty and research staff.

Wisconsin Idea Undergraduate Fellowships

Wisconsin Idea Fellowships are awarded annually  to semester-long or year-long projects designed by an undergraduate student (or group of students) in collaboration with a community organization and a UW-Madison faculty or academic staff member. Project areas include, but are not limited to, community development, health related issues, economic development, the arts, education, environmental issues, criminal justice, hunger and poverty alleviation, etc

School and College Honors Programs

Many of the school/college-based honors programs also have research components.

Undergraduate Symposium

Learn more and participate in the annual UW-Madison Undergraduate Symposium.